Friday, July 15, 2011

Battlefield 3 Vs Modern Warfare 3

Posted by Karp on 11:48 PM

Here Are Some Gameplay Footage. You Decide!

                                                              - Modern Warfare 3 -

                                                                      -Battlefield 3-


I like the first one, from what I can remember it's a fan made one, and pretty good aswell. Following.

Being on the PC and having so many fun times with BF2, I'd have to say I'm most excited from BF3. MW3 does look promising and if they do take the nation vs nation route allowing multiple perspectives of war, then I'll definitely be picking it up. But as for an all out brawl for MW3 or BF3, I'd have to say Battlefield through and through.

I am so psyched about about bf3. I have preordered it already.

oh man mw3 looks thuper thick

I have always like the battlefield franchise more than CoD

I've never been much of a Battlefield person so I personally would prefer Modern Warfare 3. Can't wait till it comes out!~

Great blog btw. :D

MW3 seems so much better...
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Can't I choose both? :3
Battlefield is good because it focuses on teamwork, (Getting the same amount of points for an assist as a kill and being able to scout enemies as a sniper.)
But Moder-Warfare always seemed more enjoyable, despite the fact that you're competing against your team-mates as well as your enemies.

Oh yeah, BF3 looks so sweet.

COD Fan all my life. But I am gonna have to say....BATTLEFIELD 3 ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Both games has potential if i want something strategic i play bf3 if i only want to have fun i play mw3

out of either of them i think im going to mostly enjoy battlefield because modern warfare has gotten boring it only needed one game lol

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