Sunday, April 3, 2011

Angry Birds

Posted by Karp on 3:18 AM

Angry Birds, is a strategic game which main focus is to clear the stage or pigs with a set number of birds at your disposal. Each bird has it's own special characteristics which see severely impacts the way you will use the bird. The games focus is soloy on singleplayer but nails the games replay value and joy.

Conclusion, 9.3/10


Got this game, Awesome as hell.
But I got it for PC.....

Ah, my room mate is obsessed with this game, I have resisted so far but I may cave!

nice game, surely. following

this is the only game I have not stopped playing on my phone.

Best game to play on the toilet, ahaha.

my gf plays the angrybirds a lot. makes me angry, but maybe i should try it?
i like this blog-++++following now

i love this game! addicting!

Great game for when you're bored and just sitting around. Since it's on most smart phones these days it's also extremely easy to access.

I've played this before, it really is a great game!

angry birds is just like castle clout, but that doesn't mean it's not fun

yes it is a good game.

angry birds is way too addicting.

I've never heard about it. Will have to try it out.

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