Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Team Fortress 2 is now free to play “forever”

Posted by Karp on 8:30 AM

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Industry trade website Develop-Online has revealed in an interview with Valve’s Robin Walker that Team Fortress 2 is now permanently free to play, and will solely be supported by in-game item purchases.
TF2′s switch to F2P was rumored and expected, but perhaps not this soon. Walker says that Valve had been exploring the idea since September 2010. “We’ve been toying with the idea of making Team Fortress free-to-play ever since the Mann-conomy update,” Walker said. “The data we got back from that update leads us to believe that TF2 would be more successful as a completely free product.” Read the rest of the interview with Walker at Develop-Online.
Prior to today, Team Fortress 2 was in the middle of a “free week.” The game’s Über Update should deploy later this evening.


I'm glad this happened. But too bad the Xbox version on Orange Box wasn't so successful. My PC has issues with most games.

I have a crappy laptop, and the Xbox version sucked. Kind of irritated me.

I always wanted to play this game, bought the orange box and never got xbox live until a few months ago :(

Man, always wanted to try this but never wanted to pay. Thank god for steam!


I have to wonder what the future of TF2 is based on recent changes. They are becoming more and more of a free to play MMO with microtransactions for items and outfits like Spire Knights, or almost any other free to play MMO. There are already about 20 of those just on steam, I just hope TF2 doesn't turn into a sellout just for the money. It's still a hell of a fun game to play!

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