Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MW3 To Add Color Blind Assist Option.

Posted by Karp on 9:33 PM

Good news for all those color blind gamers out there, Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward have decided to add color blind assistance to modern warfare 3. This feature first appeared in Black Ops and will be transferred over to MW3 to the delight of many color blind gamers. You can head over to Sledgehammer games official blog to read the entry for yourself but we will also post it below if you are too lazy to click. :) They do a question of the week on their blog so maybe you should just bookmark the page and check back weekly for new information.

I know it’s a long shot but i would like to know if the upcoming title, MW3 multiplayer has the option for color blind gamers. i.e.. alternate colors like in Black Ops.
As a color blind gamer this will a big influence as to whether I buy the game.
Best regards,
Nick Prynn

Hi Nick,
Research suggests that as much as 6% of the general population suffers from Color Blindness, or more accurately Color Vision Deficiency. Men (9-12%) are 20x more likely to be afflicted than women (0.25-1%).  Those numbers vary depending on which source you quote, but we estimate that nearly a million gamers are playing Call of Duty every day with this issue.  I am happy to report that we are working on a Color Blind Assist option for Modern Warfare 3.
So start honing your MP skills, Nick.  You won’t be able blame your red-green deficiency for all that friendly-fire come November 8th.
Posted by CoD Expert


That's cool, I have a friend with really bad color-blindness.

Wow I never thought about putting this in a game. Maybe they will be able to snipe more efficiently lol

It's the first time ever I hear abotu support for colourblind gamers

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