Sunday, April 3, 2011

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

Posted by Karp on 3:06 AM

Modern Combat 2, is a first person shorter which can be purchased on any iDevice for $6.99 at the app store. Modern Combat 2's control is very stiff at first and may take some getting use to ,but if the technique is mastered can lead to more proficient gameplay. Mc2's singleplayer has a unique story line which has some well scripted moments which put a smile on your face being it is a hand held game. The multiplayer consists of Bluetooth, Local Wifi and World wide multiplayer. The ranking system and the leaderboards have a high effect for the replay value of this game. The unlocks and the perk system are fairly balanced and as you increase rank the easier it is to kill an enemy. The games framerate is great compared to other games in the app store but could be a little laggy at times for example when stunned by a flash grenade. Modern Combat 2 really sets the bar for how a first person shooter for any iDevice should be

My score 8.7/10


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