Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Get Paid For Downloading Free Apps!

Posted by Karp on 7:03 AM

A brief desciption of Appredeem.

In this thread I will only explain you how to earn with your idevice. (iphone, ipad, ipod touch etc.)

The guide:

1. Open Safari or any other browser you prefer on the device. 2. Enter the following URL in your URL bar
3. Now register with the same email you have on your PayPal account. Why?. Because i'ts the email you signup with they will cashout to.
4. After registering, you will be asked to install AppReedem's application on your device. Do that by following the little instruction you get on your screen.
5. After installing Appredeem, the program will navigate you to your first free application offer, so that they can verify you and so that your accoun can get activated.
6. Now youve installed your first free application, now open up the application and browse around in it for a while. you will get your first Appredeem points on your account within a minute.
7. Now open up appredeem, and rate and comment the app you just downloaded to get the actual points.
After that, go to the Apps bar and search for more app offers.
8. Now when you have around 50 Points, You can cash-out for the first time.
You can choose to get paid 0.50$ to your PayPal account for 50 Points.
Or you can choose many other offers.
I won't list them all here.
Tips & info:
Enter the name "Falsed" (without quotations).
In the "Enter Bonus Code", wich you can find under the "Apps" tab.
That will get you another 25 points.

100 points = 1 $.
Their PayPal cash out system works like this:
You get 0.01$ per point you have.
So lets say, that I have 256 points, that will let me cashout a total of 2.56$.
This means you can cashout all your points at a time.
No matter how many points you have.
But you need to have more than 50 points.

Proof of payments. And pictures of my total earnings with AppReedem.
Note that this is before their update.

[Image: hrl8A.jpg][Image: 3XCnl.png]


Does it works with iOS only?

thanks for the info too bad I already destroyed my iPhone out of experiments of codes and I'm too lazy to figure out how to re-do it lol.

no this works on all smart phones/ devices

I think it's a waste of time.

therefore i would need a smart phone and not my brick with a display on it
anyway, nice post :D

Offer redemption can be cool, but it is kind of annoying. At least you can do this easily from your iphone (at work maybe lol).

Sounds like alot of work for not that much money

Wow nice, I might giving it a try
btw nice blogg...followed

cool, now just need the phone

Is it worth the time? anyone else tried it?
I might give it a go..

+ follow

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