Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Review Of Modern Warfare 2

Posted by Karp on 2:17 PM

To be honest i did not like Modern Warfare 2 as much as I did Call of Duty 4. Modern Warfare 2 was unbalanced and unrealistic as Call of Duty 4. In Modern Warfare 2 a throwing knife would kill you no matter where it hit you but a .50 Caliber sniper rifle would only give you a "hit marker" if shot other than the head/torso area.

My opionion of Modern Warfare 2



i agree about the 50 cal crap. its total shit.

Then you have the m21 which is like a submachine gun if you're good. Such cheapness. I'd kick the teeth in on some of these kids that use nub tubs all day long.


Cod4 is the best by far

Stopped playing modern warfare 2 for this very reason, and many many many others too.

I didn't really care that the game was unrealistic, if I wanted to play realistic military shooters I would play ArmA II, BF2:PR, or another tactical shooter, the one thing that absolutely turned me off to the game was the balancing issue with all the guns, equipment, perks, et cetera.

I still play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, but as for Modern Warfare 2 it sits on my shelf untouched.

yeah dont follow the hype

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